Aidar Gabdrakhman

A Multifaceted Filmmaker
Aidar Gabdrakhman is a versatile figure in the world of filmmaking, acclaimed for his roles as a producer, director and screenwriter. With a passion for storytelling ignited at the age of 12, Aidar embarked on a journey that would make him a multifaceted filmmaker with a diverse array of achievements.

At just 12 years old, Aidar's interest in journalism took root, leading him to his first experience in television. Here, he honed his skills in shooting and editing, marking the inception of his creative journey. His initial ventures into crafting newspaper articles and producing TV segments laid the foundation for his future in visual storytelling.
In 2006, Aidar's commitment to his craft led him to the doors of Kazan State University of Culture and Arts, where he pursued studies in film direction. His formal education laid the groundwork for his burgeoning career.
The year 2012 marked a pivotal juncture in Aidar's artistic journey, as he underwent intensive training at the Alexander Mitta Film School. Here, he immersed himself in the realms of narrative direction, cinematography, lighting theory, screenwriting and dramaturgy. These formative years of training equipped him with the skills and knowledge that would shape his creative trajectory.
From 2018 to 2022, Aidar further solidified his expertise by serving as a faculty member in the Department of Film and Television. This role not only showcased his dedication to the art but also allowed him to impart his wisdom and passion to the next generation of filmmakers.
Aidar's portfolio is brimming with notable accomplishments, showcasing his prowess as a director, producer and cinematographer. He has lent his creative vision to major international sporting events such as the WorldSkills Championship, FIFA World Cup and FINA events. His captivating storytelling extends to various formats, including advertising videos, corporate visuals and animation.
His works have graced esteemed film festivals, earning awards and official selections that speak volumes of his storytelling prowess. From the CFIFF Film Festival in Australia to the WIFI Film Festival in the USA and even the Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival in Germany, his creations have resonated with audiences worldwide.
Beyond his cinematic endeavors, Aidar is a fervent advocate of knowledge sharing. He conducts enlightening workshops and masterclasses, catering to both industry professionals and aspiring film students. His commitment to nurturing talent underscores his status as a true luminary in the cinematic world.


• "Together" (2013): Official film for the closing ceremony of the 2013 World Summer Universiade (11 minutes)
• "Man of Legend" (2014): Documentary film (60 minutes)
• "Water of Life" (2015): Official documentary film about the of the 2015 FINA World Championships (52 minutes)
• "Power of Water" (2015): Official documentary film about of the 2015 FINA World Masters Championships (52 minutes)
• "Skills for the Future" (2017): Official video for WorldSkills Abu Dhabi (2 minutes)
• "Living Football" (2018): Official documentary film about of the FIFA World Cup (12 minutes)
• "Project Max" (2019): Narrative film (20 minutes)
• "Battle" (2019): Narrative feature film (70 minutes)
• "Future in Your Hands" (2019): Official documentary film about of the 2019 WorldSkills Championship (52 minutes)
Award-winning creator