Essential Questions to Ask Your Screenplay

Behind every great film is a thoughtfully crafted screenplay that forms the backbone of the cinematic experience. Whether you're a seasoned screenwriter or embarking on your first scriptwriting journey, asking the right questions can lead to a more compelling and impactful story. Here are 12 essential questions to consider as you shape your screenplay:
  • What's the Core Idea?
    Start with a clear understanding of the central concept or theme that drives your story. Is it a journey of self-discovery, a quest for justice or a tale of forbidden love?
  • Who's the Protagonist?
    Identify the main character whose journey will captivate the audience. What are their goals, flaws and motivations?
  • What's the Conflict?
    Every engaging story thrives on conflict. What obstacles stand in your protagonist's way and how do they evolve through overcoming them?
  • What's at Stake?
    Define what's on the line for your characters. What do they stand to gain or lose throughout the narrative?

  • Who Are the Supporting Characters?
    Develop a well-rounded cast that complements the protagonist's journey. How do they contribute to the overall story?
  • Where's the Setting?
    Highlight pivotal plot turns and emotional points that will captivate investors and partners.
  • What's the Tone?
    Determine the emotional tone you want to convey. Is it a drama, comedy, thriller, or a unique blend of genres?
  • What's the Beginning?
    Craft a compelling opening that hooks your audience. How will you introduce your protagonist and set the stage for the story's conflict?

  • What's the Climax?
    Plan the pivotal moment of your story where tension peaks. How will your characters confront their challenges and reach a turning point?

  • What's the Resolution?
    Consider how your story will conclude. Will it be a satisfying ending that addresses the conflicts and character arcs?
  • What's the Message?
    Explore the underlying themes and messages you want to convey through your screenplay. What do you want the audience to take away?
  • Is It Unique?
    Finally, ask yourself if your story stands out. What makes it different from other narratives in the same genre?
By addressing these questions, you'll uncover the layers of your screenplay and refine its structure, characters, and narrative arc. Remember, the journey of creating a screenplay is as rewarding as the story itself. So, let your imagination flow, and watch your words come to life on the silver screen.